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Petition to the Obama Administration
To Disavow And Correct Mistruths
Said By FBI Director Comey

… characterizing Poland as a Nazi collaborator

The Polish American Congress and the Polish American community it represents demand that FBI Director James B. Comey publicly disavows and corrects the mistruths that he advanced in his speech of April 15, 2015 wherein he characterized Poland as an accomplice of Nazi Germany in the Holocaust and murder of millions of people. In the event Mr. Comey is unwilling to apologize, we respectfully ask for his resignation.

Poland and its citizens of multiple ethnicities and faiths were all victims of the German invasion, its six-year brutal occupation, and industrialized murder. During the five years of the German occupation some six million Poles were exterminated – 3 million Catholics and another 3 million being vastly Polish Jews and the balance being Jews from other European nations. Slave labor was endemic. Random civilian round-ups, daily civilian executions, systematic, purposeful starvation, and the relentless extermination of Polish intellectuals, politicians, and cultural figures, were the daily circumstance of life in the brutal police state imposed by the Germans in Poland.

Despite the brutal occupation, Poland fought longer than any other country, was the only country occupied by Germany not to establish a collaborating quisling, and fielded the largest underground opposition in any German-occupied territory. Poland was the only country where Germans killed anyone hiding or feeding Jews, yet Poland was the only country that established an organization to rescue Jews, Zegota, and the only country whose underground army killed those who turned Jews over to the Germans.

Only with full and accurate portrayal of history can American officials and general public respond appropriately to today’s global challenges. Let’s begin that requisite task here and now.

Go to: to sign the petition

Polish American Congress
1612 K Street NW, Suite 1200
Washington, D.C. 20006