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May 23, 2024

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People Are Responsible…
Not Religion!

The President said yesterday at the Terrorism Summit, “Religion is not responsible for terrorism, people are responsible for terrorism.” Using this same logic, why then is he attacking the 2nd Amendment to keep our citizens from keeping and bearing arms? Guns are not responsible for killing others, people are responsible for killing others. If you make a mistake spelling a word, is it the pencil’s fault or is it yours?

The President talks out of both sides of his mouth. He refuses to implicate Islam (surrender) with the Muslim terrorists, yet the “IS” in “ISIS” stands for ISLAMIC STATE and members of ISIS are the ones doing the killing, burning and beheading of Christians, Jews and other Muslims.

Marie Harf, the sophomoric, inept mouthpiece for Barack Obama is unbelievably naïve if she believes these Islamic terrorists are killing others because they are poor and need jobs! She’s supposed to be smarter than me. She’s not! It’s frightening to find she has a Master’s degree in Islamic studies, makes State Dept. policy and yet does not have a clue! Were no world History classes available to her? She and the snarky Jen Psaki come across as female Neville Chamberlins.  I would suggest they both read “Islam” by Karen Armstrong to better understand the history of Islam.

There are enough apologists in this administration. What we need are strong, informed, intelligent leaders, something sorely lacking in our government.

Wake up Americans!