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PBA President Praises Proposal
To Classify Attacks Against Police
As A Hate Crime

WOODBRIDGE, NJ- New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Colligan recently praised New Jersey Senator Joseph Kyrillos for his proposal to introduce legislation that would classify attacks that target police and first responders as a hate crime.  Kyrillos released a statement in which he said:  “We cannot allow an entire class of public servants to be targeted for violence due to their profession. If such attacks don’t qualify as hate crimes, I don’t know what does.”

Under New Jersey’s existing hate crime laws, offenders face additional sentences of up to three times the jail time for their original charge.

“On behalf of the 33,000 members of the NJSPBA, I would like to commend Senator Kyrillos for his proposal to introduce legislation that will increase penalties for those who target police and other first responders by classifying those attacks as a hate crime,” said Colligan.  “The horrific events in Dallas were a stark reminder that members of law enforcement and other first responders can be targeted in the very communities they protect and serve simply because of the uniform they wear.  The additional penalties being proposed by Senator Kyrillos are a welcome potential deterrent and we hope to see this legislation passed on a bi-partisan basis upon introduction and then signed by Governor Christie as quickly as possible.”


More information on Senator Joe Kyrillos’ plans to introduce legislation here: