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Pascrell, Menendez, Booker
Announce $2.56M To Upgrade
Passaic Bus Service

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (N.J.-09) and U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker announced $2.56 million in federal funding awarded from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to New Jersey Transit (NJT) to upgrade the Passaic Bus Terminal to better serve thousands of commuters and travelers throughout the city.

“Several thousand Passaic, New Jersey commuters pass through these structures every day and they deserve a transit experience that is safe, secure, and inviting,” said. Rep. Pascrell.  “Our residents deserve a transit system with state-of-the-art facilities that fit their needs.  In Passaic, we are delivering just that.”

“Investing in New Jersey’s transportation system is good for our economy and good for the thousands of New Jersey workers who rely on it every day,” said Sen. Menendez.  “This bus terminal is Passaic’s key transit hub and the proposed relocation and upgrades will create new jobs and make bus travel safer, more reliable and easier to access for the city’s residents who depend on mass transit to get to work, shop and visit family.”

”Expanding connectivity in New Jersey communities through federal investments like this helps strengthen our neighborhoods, stimulate economic development in our downtowns and create opportunities for everyone,” said Sen. Booker. “That’s why I stand committed to helping modernize key transportation hubs like the Passaic Bus Terminal in order to keep New Jersey commuters and our region’s economy moving.”

The Passaic Bus Terminal is a series of bus shelters located on sidewalks adjacent to northbound Main Avenue near the intersection of Lexington Avenue in the City of Passaic.  The bus terminal serves ten NJT bus lines and two private jitney carrier bus lines that provide local bus through-service, local bus origin-destination service, interstate bus service to New York City, and non-NJT jitney and van services.  The key transit hub in the city, the bus terminal serves an average of 2,800 weekday NJT passengers on more than 400 weekday trips.  Jitney services are estimated to accommodate an average of 1300 weekday passengers on approximately 550 weekday trips.

NJT is working closely with the City of Passaic and Passaic County to relocate and improve the bus terminal.  This funding will allow NJT to construct a new bus terminal in an internal off-street plaza area that is currently used for automobile parking.  Modified saw tooth berths (as well as straight curbs for layovers) will provide better bus and jitney operations, and will be enhanced with improved shelters, electronic and static passenger information and other amenities.

The design assures that pedestrian movements can be made safely and conveniently, as bus passengers will cross the general purpose traffic lanes at signalized intersections in order to access the facility.  (Currently, pedestrians often cross mid-block to reach the existing bus facility.)  ADA accessibility would also be improved by the installation of modern treatments.  A relocated bus facility in the area of the bus terminal will greatly improve passenger convenience and bus operations, particularly schedule adherence.

The present facility dates back to approximately the late 1960s to early 1970s. NJT has contemplated significant improvements to the bus terminal to serve the commuters and other travelers who rely on it for transportation. Roughly 66% of those surveyed indicated they use the bus because they have no other means of transportation.  However, funding constraints have prevented significant improvements.