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Pascrell Decries Latest
Russian Aggression
Against Ukraine

Urges unified condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s autocratic behavior

PATERSON, NJ – U.S. Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) recently  condemned the escalation of hostilities by the Russian Federation after Russian forces fired upon and seized three Ukrainian ships near Crimea.

“Russia’s latest incursions against Ukraine are yet another despicable violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty. The entire world is again seeing Vladimir Putin’s hostility to democratic order. Ukraine is our ally and our friend and we must stand beside it. Vladimir Putin is an autocratic bully presiding over a sprawling kakistocracy. Half-hearted praise and foot-dragging on sanctions will not inhibit the dictator. The United States – Congress and the White House together – must stand as one in condemnation of Russia. And we must begin formulating more cooperation with our Ukrainian partners and stronger measures to deter Russian aggression.”

Rep. Pascrell has long been a vocal opponent of Vladimir Putin’s violations of peace and stability in Ukraine. After Russian troops first violated Ukraine’s sovereignty in March 2014, Pascrell called for Russia’s removal as a member of the G-8 and demanded immediate withdrawal of all Russian forces. He has also taken several steps to ensure U.S. support for our Ukrainian allies in the face of Russian aggression led by Vladimir Putin.

Office of U.S. Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.