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Jul 17, 2024

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Paper Mill’s 2022-23 Curtain Calls with “Rent”

By Jim Dombrowski

NEW JERSEY – The best regional theater in America, the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, is ending its 2022-23 Season with the production of “Rent” through July 2. This is a fabulous revival of a Broadway show that garnered great reviews. The timeless themes are more relevant today than possibly at the debut of the show.

The cast assembled is crafty and talented.  The ability to show love and loss puts a tear in your eye. This dramatic musical had the audience leaving the Paper Mill with a feeling that life is very precious and we need to never forget what is most important in our lives.

The Press Opening was on the same evening as the Tony Awards in NYC, and Mike Stotts, the Paper Mill Executive Director, told me there was no were else he rather be than in Millburn.

The 2023-24 Season begins on October 12 with the “Great Gatsby.”

Photo: by Jim Dombrowski