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PAC National Office
Prepares For The
CND Meeting

By John Czop
Director of Policy Development and Administration

Thee Council of National Directors (CND) of the Polish American Congress (PAC) will meet in Washington, DC 25-28 September 2017 in a political context shaped by both hopeful and fearful events.

On the hopeful side, Warsaw hosted THE THREE SEAS INITIA- TIVE CONFERENCE early in July. Poland as the key country of the Intermarium, the lands between the Baltic, Black, and Adriat- ic Seas, guides this project. e goal is to avoid a power vacuum from developing in this region between Germany and Russia. e way to achieve this purpose is to build a regional grouping, with lines of communication running from north-to-south, to link together the countries of the Intermarium, rather than from west- to-east, which divides these countries from each other. A uni ed Intermarium will promote economic growth, energy indepen- dence, and collective security.

Readers may recall that the Polish State, then based in London, put forward a similar plan during World War II. is was the project of a Czechoslovak — Polish Confederation as the nucleus of a larger regional grouping, which did not succeed, according
to Professor Piotr Wandycz, due to Soviet opposition. Today, the Kremlin does not want the Intermarium project to go forward. A strong and truly sovereign Intermarium will prevent the re-es- tablishment of a Russian sphere of in uence in this region, and attenuate German economic hegemony.

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