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PAC Applauds President Obama’s
Immigration Initiative

Polish American Congress, January 29, 2013 — The Polish American Congress (PAC) issued a statement of strong support following President Obama’s speech in Las Vegas, in which he promised to move forward to fix the broken American immigration system. It particularly endorsed the president’s plans to enhance travel and tourism by promoting greater flexibility in designating countries as eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, a key focus of recent PAC lobbying efforts.

“President Obama scored some major points today in his effort to redeem his pledge for fixing U.S. immigration,” said Frank Spula, president of the PAC, the largest umbrella organization of Polish-American groups in the country.

“It is clear that the wind is now at his back; people are ready to act as well as to listen, and thus a major embarrassment to our country is on its way to being fixed.”

“The PAC has been on the front lines for a number of years to make sure our friends abroad are treated as such when they come to visit our homes and our communities,” Spula said. “The Lady of Liberty today must be a specially bright beacon on our shores.”

“We are particularly excited at the prospect of strengthening the Visa Waiver Program and America’s long-time and loyal friend–Poland–finally becoming one of those countries that are included among those participating,” he added.

Spula noted that the President’s proposal not only streamlined visa and foreign visitor processing, but also promoted even better law enforcement cooperation while keeping intact needed counterterrorism and criminal information sharing initiatives.

To read the full text of FACT SHEET: Fixing our Broken Immigration System so Everyone Plays by the Rules go to White House website: