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“Outstanding Pole”
In America

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – The Piast Institute together with Teraz Polska (Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation) and the Pangaea Foundation is pleased to announce that Dr. Thaddeus Radzilowski was named “Outstanding Pole” in America on May 6, 2016 at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago in the category of Scholarship (“Nauka”).

He received his award from Mr. Norbert Barszczewski of Pangaea and Dr. Krzystof Przybyl of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation in conjunction with the Consul General of Poland in Chicago, Mr. Robert Rusiecki. Dr. Radzilowski, the Midwestern Winner of this Distinguished Award, shares the honor with 2 other scholars chosen to represent Polonia on the East and West Coasts. The Polish Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf,  in announcing the award, added his personal commendations for Dr. Radzilowski’s work in support of the Embassy’s work of promoting a positive image of Poland in the U.S.

Dr. Radzilowski was awarded the honor for his lifelong scholarly work in telling the Polish Story in America, in promoting the study of Polish language and culture, his co-founding (with Virginia Skrzyniarz)  in 2003 of the Piast Institute devoted to the study of Poland and Polonia and his many contributions through his cultural activities, lectures, research and publications to the flourishing of the Polish Community in America.

IMG_0879 (1)againThe competition “Outstanding Pole” is an initiative of the Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation, whose main objective is to create a positive image of Poles to show their achievements and distinctions and to the promotion of people of Polish ancestry who are eminently successful in a variety of fields and endeavors beyond the borders of Poland. (Photo: l-r Mr. Robert Rusiecki, Virginia L. Skrzyniarz and Dr. Radzilowski).

It is also an opportunity to showcase such individuals who through their activities and  commitments contribute to the promotion of a positive image of Poland and Polish people in the world, as well as to publicize these compatriots who although often known and respected abroad, remain less known to Poles living in Poland.

For more information please contact Virginia Skrzyniarz at the Piast Institute by calling 313-733-4535 or by emailing at:

 By Virginia Skrzyniarz