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Online Education Program In Twentieth Century
Polish History for Polish Language
Schools Abroad

Interactive Educational Program will help Polish diaspora students deepen their knowledge about 20th century Polish history.

The Kresy-Siberia Foundation is pleased to announce the introduction of an innovative online Education Programe in 20th century Polish history for Polish schools abroad. The program aims to disseminate knowledge among young people about the persecution of Polish citizens during World War II. The Kresy-Siberia Foundation’s aim is “dedicated to research, remembrance and recognition of Poland’s citizens fighting for freedom and survival in eastern Poland and in forced exile during World War II”.

The program is available on the

The Education Program is a professional resource for teaching both the Polish language and Polish history. It features two professional teaching aid Study Guides – one for Primary school students and one for Secondary school students. The Study Guides are based on the 9 thematic galleries of the Kresy-Siberia Virtual Museum. Established by the survivors and their descendants in order to tell the stories of the “Polish Gehenna” to the world, the museum allows visitors and students to actively learn about this almost unknown chapter of World War II.

Written by professional teachers and educators the Study Guides include photographs, maps documents, references & resources, student activities and a student quiz at the end of each of the 9 gallery chapters:

1) Historical Borderlands

2) Soviet Tyranny

3) Unvanquished

4) Freed to Fight

5) German Occupation

6) Fighting for Survival

7) Refugees

8) Soviet Counterstrike

9) Diaspora.

Carefully prepared by experienced teachers and educators the teaching guides contain photographs, maps, documents, notes and links to external sources.

Additionally, the program has a discussion forum designed exclusively for Polish teachers, serving as a place for the exchange of information, experiences and ideas related to teaching Polish and Polish history of the twentieth century. Under the program, there is also a discussion forum open to all participants of the program: teachers, students, veterans and deported, their descendants and all those interested in Polish history.

The project was co-financed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MSZ), the Republic of Poland, in the competition for the task “Cooperation with Polonia and Poles abroad in 2014.”

Further information may be obtained by contacting the representatives of the Foundation:
Stefan Wisniowski
President of the Foundation
Tel .: +48 22 211 88 88 414

Anna Pacewicz
Chair of the Board
Kom .: +61 258 022

Kresy-Siberia Foundation


If you would like to make a donation to the museum directly to the Foundation in Warsaw: go to: DONATE|Kresy-SiberiaFoundation/FundacjaKresy-Syberia