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May 20, 2024

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One Day At A Time

It is not “our timing”, it is the timing in the bigger scheme of life that rules our lives.   If we “listened to” our own timing and became frustrated when something didn’t work out to our schedule, it is because the Master’s Plan for our life took precedent over ours!  Unfortunately, “it takes forever” to realize how God’s timing is just perfect! Our timing usually leaves a lot to be desired. (Unless you are an unusually perceptive, intuitive person. Then, at least you can realize your wait is worthwhile.) The time, or “timing” doesn’t belong to you!   The popular expression of “go with the flow” is more important than we realize. Going with the flow of the Master’s Plan of things will bring us out to the right place, at the right time, for the right results, that will always benefit us! IT WILL ALSO “PROVE OUT” THE AWESOME SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MASTER’S PLAN IN CHARGE OF OUR LIVES!   So, the next time you feel you are at a stand still, know that you have been kept there for a reason.   Sometime it takes years to unfold. But, when you do look back in retrospect, you will see how perfectly everything unfolded, when it was time! Have patience. Keep a smile. A positive attitude will help!


Volume IV – Article 3