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Jul 14, 2024

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Oktoberfest At St. Rose In Roseville, Oct. 5th

Chicken Dance Time

Da, da, dada, dada da, bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk. The sound of the Chicken Dance is ringing in my ears as Oktoberfest season gets into full swing. The church hall at St. Rose’s in Roseville was all decked out for Oktoberfest on October 5 with Polka Power on stage providing the music. I love these events because families turn out in force with all ages represented from infants to seniors. We loaded our plates up with tasty Oktoberfest buffet of wurst, sauerkraut, German potato salad, and bread. And we quaffed our thirst with an excellent Paulaner beer.

After we filled our stomachs, Stefan Kochishan, clarinetist and emcee, made everyone rise and perform a unique Oktoberfest calisthenic, bending forward, backward, and sideward in time to the musical metronome. This was enough to get everyone warmed up for dancing. Polka Power played polkas, waltzes, foxtrots, swings, and rumbas for an appreciative crowd that filled the floor. The Sacramento PolkaBoosters occupied four tables and spilled out on the floor for the polkas and waltzes. The non-polka folk loved the rumbas and swings. Polka Power liberally sprinkled in several Chicken Dances, which brought everyone on the floor.  So there was a little something for everyone.