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October Horoscope

Aries – The Sun falls in your solar 7th house placing the emphasis on partnerships and your social ties. Because of a myriad of planetary direction vested accounts, credit cards, mortgages and financial counselors will be the areas of concern. Investment counselors can help in achieving your monetary goals. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st – check bank statements be cautious when using your credit card.  Legal issues may be delayed; however, will prove to be to your satisfaction, Sun enters your solar 8th house on the 23rd and will strengthen your spiritual values. Seek meditation and prayer. Favorable dates 17-18

Taurus – Employment issues and health are the areas of concern. Saturn, in westerly direction,  will place the burden on relationships and business ties. In some cases a partnership may be coming to an end. Monetary, legal matters and the way you are doing business with others need to be handled in a productive manner. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st and can be troublesome with personal and business situations. Keep a log when scheduling events. When the Sun enters   your solar 7th house on the 23rd romance and personal relationships become more intense. You will be asked to make a personal commitment. Favorable dates  19-20-21

Gemini – The Sun’s direction to your solar 5th house can enhance relationships and creative pursuits. Spend quality time with children – you will benefit through the magnetic rays of Mars, in the sign Leo, creating celestial harmony. Employment possibilities are on the horizon; therefore, update your resume and seek employment counselors. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st and can create delays in a work project. Best to work alone during the retrograde period. Jupiter helps you in increasing your monetary worth. The Sun enters your 6th solar house on the 23rd, employment issues can be resolved. Good timing for medical appointments. Favorable dates 22-23

Cancer – Jupiter in your sign brings rewards with travel and education.  The bright rays of the Sun will illuminate the domestic area of your chart.  This aspect will allow you to improve the comfort and luxury of your home. Consider relocating and  applying for a mortgage, or a home improvement loan.  Sun shifts gears on the 23rd where it will be joined by Mercury. The later aspect will create an intense period for romance and children. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st and can cause frustration in a romantic situation – suggest you delay a decision with a  love situation. It’s love or sex but with the present aspects you may not be able to tell the difference.  Favorable 25-26-27

Leo – Your planetary ruler, the  Sun, spotlights communication, partnerships and contractual agreements. Mars in your sign forewarns against impulsive acts that can lead to a romantic breakup. Your desire to excel in education and explore new and inventive pursuits will become more of the criteria. The Sun enters your solar fourth house after the 23rd  and will be joined by Mercury. The latter aspects places  the emphasis on real estate, relocating and home improvements. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st – be careful when signing agreements, be sure of the content.   Favorable dates 1-27-28

Virgo – The Sun illuminates the monetary sector of your solar chart. Your efforts to improve savings can become a reality. New and untried ideas work well as your ruler pensive Mercury retrogrades on the 21st and can cause delays in communications – best to oversee a work project – take no ones word. Get rid of waste and keep your credit cards in check. Sun shifts on the 23rd and will occupy the mental zone of your solar chart. The latter aspect will affect a personal relationship. Beware of jealousy or gossip. Stand clear of discordant family members. Favorable dates 2-3-29-30

Libra  – Happy Birthday! The all powerful Sun illuminates the ascendancy and will provide you with personal charm, improving your appearance, positive energy and a more ambitious persona. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st in the position that governs your finances. Be careful of the use of credit cards – check bank statements and refrain from big ticket items. After the 23rd your  financial situation will be an area of consideration. Consider financial counselors before changing vested accounts.  Favorable days 4-4-31

Scorpio – The Sun will be transiting the most sensitive area of your solar chart. During this time period investigation, self-analysis and working behind the scenes are recommended. Mercury retrogrades in your sign on the 21st – be careful with your diet, refrain from fast foods. Keep a log during the retrograde period. Trust no one at their word.  Happy Birthday as the Sun will enter your sign on the 23rd @ 2:10 AM. Favorable dates 6-7 Solar return for Scorpio is recommended due to the transits of Saturn and Jupiter – year of change.

Sagittarius – Jupiter, your planetary ruler, transits your solar 8th house and will affect the essence of your being – you are ready to take yourself to a higher level of consciousness. This is the prelude to education and changing your philosophical views. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st therefore be careful of what you promise you will be held to your word. Venus enters your sign on the 8th providing you with a romantic aura. Social activities and pleasing a loved one will be top priority. After the 23rd the Sun will enter the most sensitive area of your horoscope. Time for rest and relaxation. Meditation helps. Favorable dates 8-9

Capricorn – The all powerful Sun illuminates your solar 10th house, where it will shed light on career and a business enterprise.  Meetings with VIP’s, head hunters can enhance your chances for career or an employment change. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st and falls in the 11th house that governs friendships and innovation. Expect delays with projects and proceed with caution; whatever you promise makes sure you can deliver. After the 23rd social events and joining a health club may lead to romance. A friendship may turn into a sexual situation but beware of jealousy. A close friend may be envious of you. Favorable dates 10-11-12

Aquarius – The Sun will transit your 9th solar house and will spotlight education, future planning, and a need to travel. Saturn transits your solar 10th house making this a key time for changes in employment, business, a personal relationship, and future planning. In some cases a complete change in career may be necessary because an old position that may have come to an end. Employment, career and meeting with VIP’s are favorable after the 23rd when the Sun joins Saturn. You should be in a position of power regarding employment due to past experiences.  Favorable dates 13-14

Pisces – Neptune your primary ruler provides you with spiritual awareness and sparks your creativity. Caution with the use of prescription drugs and   alcohol.  Jupiter your secondary ruler transits the house that governs romance and children. This is a fortunate period for romance and creative pursuits. Mercury retrogrades on the 21st and will create indecision – best to delay future planning ad refrain from travel. The Sun will enter your 9th solar house on the 23rd and will be joined by Mercury. The spotlight will be on travel, education to improve work expertise and getting an Astrological update. Favorable dates 15-16

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