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Novel Moves “Like An
Indiana Jones Movie”

Book Signing, June 22nd, At Cliffside Park Library
NEW JERSEY – New Jersey author, Bob Nesoff will be signing copies of his highly reviewed novel, Spyder Hole, at the Cliffside Park Library on June 22 at 7 p.m. Nesoff is returning for a second signing after  patrons who missed his previous appearance requested an opportunity to hear him an obtain a copy of the novel. Spyder Hole details efforts by terrorists to set off nuclear weapons in New York and London. It’s received a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.
Spyder Hole has received praise from people who have lived similar stories. Maj. Gen. Thomas Needham, a Green Beret in Vietnam, the officer who planned the invasion of Panama when Noriega was captured and was named by the president to chair the commission looking for POWs and MIAs in Vietnam, had this to say:
“Spyder Hole held my attention and had me waiting for the next chapter to learn what the Mossad, CIA and MI-6 operatives were up to in their quest to block an international terror plot. It was reminiscent of actual black ops hidden under a cloak of “Eyes Only” material. Bob Nesoff knows his material and keeps the pace moving like an Indiana Jones movie. In fact, if Hollywood is smart, this will be made into a movie.
Action writer Juan Gomez-Jurado added: “Spyder Hole grans and holds you from the first page. It pulls you into a dangerous and treacherous world of black ops and political intrigue. This is good, old fashioned suspense with heart-stopping twists and should be a Hollywood movie by Paul Greengrass (Bourne films) or Ridley Scott.”
Bob Nesoff lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife, Sandy. He is a former daily newspaper reporter and has won more than 40 journalism awards. Nesoff is available to speak at organizations. He may be contacted at or (201) 385-2000.