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No One Wants To Hug Someone…

Who Is Trying To Tell You To Go Away

Sound familiar?  You are your own worst enemy, then you wonder why you are not getting the attention you would like.

My favorite picture that describes me, I found years ago in a magazine… and have kept it to this day. It is an iron hand (from a suit of armor) holding a long opera length glove with pearls flowing over it, and a candelabra and a piano in the background of the picture.  (A mountain has to move my iron hand…before I turn my head and “want to hug someone or be hugged”!  But, if I do…watch out, I really mean it!

In other words, “flirting” is not something that I have ever pursued.  Some people are constantly on the search for “the ultimate hugging relationship” … flirting along as they go.  If no one has told you….you cannot search for a needle in a haystack, it has to come to you.  And it will when both souls are ready and it is time – old or young.

So, if you can’t fake the hugging and closeness, don’t worry about it. There is a reason and a bigger plan that has not come forth yet.

Bottom line, never get involved with someone that will make you question yourself, and that you do not want to hug, and wholly embrace the person like you really mean it!

Life is too short.  Treasure the things that really matter to you NOW…your Destiny Will Take Care of Itself.

Volume XII, Article 75