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No One Can Gauge Your Emotional Pain

If you have suffered an emotionally painful experience you may be surviving, but forgetting it is another story.

If another person has not been in the same emotionally painful experience don’t try and tell them  how they should be reacting.  Their reaction is according to their own handle on things and what they can bear.

As a friend or a relative, the best thing that you can do for them is to let them find their own way to the balance that they need in their life.

I think that the worst cruelty is when someone has not been honest with you in your relationship.  How can you ever believe or trust again….it is a hard pill to swallow.  Someone else telling you “to forget it and go on with your life” is shallow, and does nothing to ease your emotional pain.  (There are many shocking scenarios if you have ever watched the TV program “Who the bleep did I Marry”?)

Some women have had their lives turned upside down overnight, only to have to deal with finances that they thought that they had, a man that they didn’t know, and children who need to be told “the truth about who their father really is”.

Emotional pain can have fall-out in all different directions that go on for a long time after.  At least have enough sense and a heart to let the person affected make their own decisions……without dictating what you think they need.  Who are you to know what someone else needs, you are not walking in their shoes.

Be a help, not a hindrance.

Be a friend, not a gossip.

Be there only if they ask you to.

Say a prayer for them to have divine guidance intercede with whatever road they decide to take in their future.

Volume XII, Article 61