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NJ State PBA President Patrick Colligan Announces Retirement

After more than thirty-one years in law enforcement and almost 11 years as the President of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association (NJSPBA), Patrick Colligan has announced his retirement effective May 1. This announcement marks the end of a distinguished chapter in his law enforcement career that began at the Franklin Police Department and finished with his election as President of the NJSPBA. Photo: New Jersey PBA president Patrick Colligan. (Photo: NJPBA)

Colligan’s time as NJSPBA president was marked by many significant achievements. One of the most noteworthy accomplishments was his leading role in securing autonomy for the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System (PFRS). This move ensures the financial well-being of our members for generations.

Colligan navigated the NJSPBA through challenging political landscapes, advocating for policies and candidates that supported law enforcement’s interests. He faced adversity head-on throughout his tenure, including public criticism from notable figures. Perhaps most infamously, former Governor Chris Christie, during a presidential campaign stop in New Hampshire, derogatorily called Pat Colligan a “Pension Pig.” Colligan wore it like a badge of honor, reflecting his commitment to defending the rights of law enforcement officers. The NJSPBA through the Monmouth County Conference even hosted a pig roast which raised tens of thousands of dollars for the PBA Survivor & Welfare Fund, turning Christie’s attack into a powerful statement of unity and support within the law enforcement community.

As he steps into retirement, Colligan expresses his gratitude:

“I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey. From my early days with the Franklin Police Department to the challenges we faced together at the NJSPBA including a global pandemic and the most difficult time in modern policing, serving our membership has been my absolute privilege. To my family, our members, our executive board, and all who stood by me—your support has been the foundation of our achievements. Thank you for your trust, support, and the privilege of leading my brothers and sisters of the NJSPBA. This has been a truly amazing and gratifying ride! I never took one moment for granted.”