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News Bytes From Poland (Update)

Compiled by Robert Strybel
Warsaw Correspondent

Pompeo visits Warsaw, signs enhanced-defense deal with Poland
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Poland recently to sign an Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement. The agreement was co-signed by  Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak. Pompeo said he was proud to sign the new defense deal with Poland and added: ”Today we took another step in our robust military cooperation for our collective security. The new US-Poland Enhanced agreement is building on our existing security cooperation and cementing our long-standing defense partnership.” The deal will increase American troop strength in Poland to 5,500 and lay the groundwork for the necessary infrastructure whose cost will be covered by Poland. According to Błaszczak, the facilities will make it possible to accommodate in future up to 20,000 American  servicemen. Pompeo also held talks with top Polish officials on defense matters, energy security, the Covic-19 pandemic and the situation in neighboring Belarus as well as taking part in centennial celebrations of Poland’s historic victory over the Red Army in the 1920 Battle of Warsaw.

Poland – first to act on behalf of Belarusian neighbors
A rigged election that supposedly gave Belarusian dictator Alexandr Lukashenko an 80% landslide victory triggered widespread protests in that country of ten million. The protesters called for a new, honest election and demanded the resignation of Lukashenko who had dictatorially ruled Belarus for 26 years. The brutal attack on the peaceful protest by Lukashenko’s security troops and the detention of thousands of demonstrators prompted Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to appeal to the European Union to come to the Belarusian people’s defense. It was not until the 11th consecutive day of protests that the European Council held an emergency summit that rejected the election results, called for a fresh, internationally monitored election and pledged $63 million for the Belarusian people. European leaders clearly indicated they intended to increase pressure on those linked to the violent crackdown on protests, Warsaw, which has worked to pave the way of ex-Soviet republics to European structures, plans to facilitate travel to Poland for citizens of Belarus, a country just east of its border.

Former government employee convicted of spying for Russia
A man, identified only as Marek W. under Polish privacy laws, has been sentenced by the Warsaw Regional court in Warsaw to three years in prison for spying on behalf of Russia.. Employed at Poland’s Energy Ministry, he was originally detained by Poland’s domestic counterintelligence agency ABW in March last year following an investigation. “At that time, based on the evidence gathered by the ABW, Marek W. was charged with spying for Russia’s military intelligence service GRU,” spokesman Stanisław Żaryn said in a statement. He added that, in the course of the trial, the court in March this year found the man “guilty of a crime officially defined in Article 130 of the Criminal Code as “participation in the activities of a foreign intelligence service against the Republic of Poland.” Żaryn added said that the defendant had been sentenced to three years in prison and banned from holding any public office for a period of 10 years.  Marek W. had created a wide network of contacts by setting up a Facebook account which had over 600 memebrs. They included government ministers, MPs and Eurodeputies, employers of major energy companies, journalists and activists, He then passed the information he collected to his contacts at the Russian embassy in Warsaw.

A Polish break-through in the war on Covid-19?
A Polish biotech company may be close to marketing a drug combating the dread Covid-19 disease. Biomed Lublin has developed a new drug to fight the infection in new patients, significantly boosting the body’s chances of combating the Coronavirus. “It will be produced from the plasma taken from blood donors who have recovered from Covid-19 and have the proper level of antibodies. It can be produced within months after any new virus arises,” Biomed Lublin CEO Marcin Piróg explained. Unlike a vaccine which stimulates an immune-system response, the new Polish drug, which still has to undergo clinical trials, increases the patient’s level of antibodies which protect the body for a long period of time. According to Piróg, the problem with vaccines, as the world is now discovering, is that they can take years to develop.

Polish researchers develop powerful new painkiller
Researchers at the Chemistry Department of Warsaw University have developed a revolutionary new painkiller which is said to be more effective and produces fewer side effects than those used to date. According to the researchers, the drug causes the body to simultaneously inhibit the perception of pain and extinguish its source. “That has a huge advantage over previously known painkillers which produce either one effect or the other but not both.” explained researcher Dr Rafał Wieczorek. The researchers claim that currently used opioids such as morphine, effectively relieve pain but are addictive and have severe side effects. The new substance can be used at a concentration several thousand times smaller than morphine to completely eliminate pain even resulting from damaged or irritated nerves. The research team is now working on the first phase of clinical trials, while planning to seek patent protection for the medication in Poland and selected other countries around the world.

Polish towns wronged by the European Union can count on support
Six eastern Polish towns that did not want their children indoctrinated by  LGBT/Gender activists have been punished. Their town councils had voted to declare those municipalities “LGBT-Free Zones” that support  basic family values  instead. For that reason their funding applications have been rejected by the European Commission Polish Prosecutor-General and Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro said those municipalities were being punished  because their leaders “had the courage to demand observance of basic values with regard to family, freedom and tradition,” He added that financial support would be provided to the wronged communities and any other localities that suffer similar discrimination in future. The Polish Constitution, adopted in 1997 during the tenure of ex-communist president Aleksander Kwaśniewski bans homo-marriage and homo-adoptions and guarantees parents the right to raise their children according to their own belief system.

Polish nationalists protest LGBT aggression
Polish nationalist groups recently staged a demonstration at the main gate of  Warsaw University to protest what they called “the aggression of LGBT ideology.”  Krzysztof Bosak, an MP from the right-wing Confederation and an unsuccessful candidate in Poland’s presidential race this year, told the gathering: “Nationalist groups cannot allow the LGBT ideology to be imposed on Polish society. Expressing open opposition to the cultural revolution that the extreme left wants to carry out is our moral duty and the only means to stop it.  Demonstrators burned an LGBT rainbow flag and collected signatures in  support of Poland’s withdrawal from the pro-gender Istanbul Convention. The protest came in response to a wave of provocations by LGBT activists including beating up the driver of a Pro-Life van and damaging his vehicle. Police officers dispersing an illegal gathering through persuasion were  attacked, and religious statues and patriotic memorials were desecrated with LGBT flags. In Lublin, homo-activists blocked the door of a local church, preventing those leaving mass from exiting and people coming for the next mass from entering.

Polish-made yachts eye global markets
Except for yachting enthusiasts and boat-show fans, not too many people know that Poland is fast becoming a leader in the watercraft industry..Polish yachts are known worldwide for their modern construction, design, technical quality and overall, craftsmanship, the, Radio Poland new site reported  recently. They range from small, basic sailboats to motorized sailing yachts and cabin cruisers, some approaching the size of excursion boats.. Polish sports craft are visually attractive, meticulously crafted, luxurious, and sport flat-screen TVs. In boat shows across Europe, about a third of all the vessels on display are now “Made in Poland.” There are more than 900 sailing-related companies in Poland and experts say, the industry is ready to sail smoothly on to global markets. “The niche yachting industry fully developed in a different Poland,” remarked Jarosław Zygmunt Dworzański, Marshal of Podlaskie Province, indicating that it got its start in pre-1989 communist Poland.. The Marshal’s Office organizes an annual Economic and Investment Forum which promotes the Polish yacht-building industry.