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New Warsaw Institute Report
U.S. Permanent Military
Base In Poland

On behalf of the Warsaw Institute, their latest publication U.S. Permanent Military Base in Poland: Favorable Solution For the NATO Alliance is available to the Post Eagle readers by clicking US PERMANENT MILITARY BASE IN POLAND WARSAW INSTITUTE SPECIAL REPORT


The following analysis considers the idea of a permanent U.S. base in Poland in the geopolitical context along with its consequences for NATO and Central and Eastern Europe. This publication was supplemented with comments from American, Lithuanian and Romanian experts displaying a broader perspective on setting up a U.S. permanent military facilities on the Alliance’s eastern flank.

Poland has openly courted a permanent U.S. presence to be established since President George W. Bush was in office. This idea has been long advocated by the country’s all significant political forces. It now seems that a positive decision, followed by a transition to the implementation phase, is closer than ever before.


Posted with permission from the “Warsaw Institute”