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New Sculptures Added
To Clifton Sculpture Park

NEW JERSEY – The Clifton Arts Center & Sculpture Park has added two new sculptures to the park by artist, Richard Pitts.   The sculptures are: “Conestoga” and “Minos”.  The Clifton Sculpture Park is free and open from Dawn to Dust.  It is located on the grounds of Clifton Municipal Complex. (in photo – Conestoga)

Richard Pitts is originally from Clifton, New Jersey.  He spent his childhood here in Clifton, NJ and then when on with to fulfill his career in art. He is a Pratt Institute graduate with a military background who began with a studio on 18th Street, NYC, is a founding member of the First Street Gallery now located in Chelsea, NY ( an artist run gallery), full professor of Fine Art at the Fashion Institute of Technology, founding member of Urban Studio Unbound and President of M55 Art. For more information about Richard Pitts go to

The sculpture piece of “Conestoga” was named after the Conestoga Wagon that was made in Pennsylvania around 1717. The artist states, “For me my sculpture seems to have wings or some kind of sailing device.  The sculpture piece is made of aluminum which makes this an animated form and seems frozen in the act of migrating.  Like the Conestoga Wagon that was filled with adventured hopes, my sculpture is meant to enrich the imagination of future thoughts.”

minoswebThe sculpture piece of “Minos” (in photo on left) is representative of King Minos who was the King of ancient Crete and Europa. His wife gave birth to the Minotaur, half human and half Bull. This was the King’s punishment by the God Poseidon for his dishonesty. Pitts states “This image of my sculpture has many connotations that remind me of ancient stories of long ago that live in my subconscious. The Minotaur lived in a maze so as to be hidden from sight. My sculpture brings a kind of marriage of these images. King Minos and the Minotaur are archetypes that enrich the scope of the psyche. I realize sculpture is a language unique as poetry. Poetry uses common words but transcends the ordinary into the extraordinary which I hope to accomplish in my art.”

The Clifton Arts Center Gallery first opened to the public in January of 2000, and more than 40,000 visitors have enjoyed art exhibits and cultural events at the Clifton Arts Center.  The Arts Center is located on the grounds of the Clifton Municipal Complex, near the Well Water on Well Road.

Gallery hours open to the public to view art are from Wednesday through Saturday ~ 1:00pm – 4:00pm.  Group tours are available by appointment.  For more information log onto the website at: or like us on Facebook. Please note that the Arts Center Gallery will be closed on Thursday, November 24th, Friday, November 25th and Saturday, November 26th.