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New Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionary
Now Available on Apple, Google,
And Windows Stores

The Kosciuszko Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the applications of its new Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionary which are now available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets as well as for Windows 10 personal computers.

Thoroughly updated with the latest vocabulary, The New Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary is one of the largest English <-> Polish dictionaries ever published. It contains nearly 142,000 headwords, 109,000 idioms and phrases and 439,000 translations. The distinctive feature of the Dictionary is that it is based on American English, although characteristic British usage as well as forms typical of other varieties of English have also been noted. The richness of lexical information, including not only everyday expressions, but also technical terminology, literary language, and archaic vocabulary, makes the dictionary an indispensable tool in the hands of both English and Polish speakers, irrespective of their degree of proficiency in the other language.


• Over 690,000 headwords, idioms, phrases and translations

• Features the American variety of English

• No Internet connection required

• Detailed view of all headwords

• A simplified guide to grammar and proin both languages included

• A variety of search tools including full text, search-as-you-type, and search idiomatic expressions

• Learning tools including memory panel and recent looked-up words list

• Freemium version available

The app is available at a discounted price of $9.99 (plus applicable taxes) till August 31, 2017. After that day, it’ll cost $12.99.

Available on the App Store
Get it on Google play
Download with Windows Store

All proceeds from the sale of the Dictionary apps will be used to further the Kosciuszko Foundation’s educational and cultural programs and activities.

The present dictionary app is a new, digital version of the revised New Kosciuszko Foundation English-Polish, Polish-English Dictionary, edited by Jacek Fisiak, Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak, Piotr Gąsiorowski and Michał Jankowski, and published in two volumes by the Kosciuszko Foundation (New York) and Universitas (Krakow) in 2003. That Dictionary, in turn, was a much-awaited new incarnation of The Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary, authored by Kazimierz Bulas, Francis J. Whitfield and Lawrence L. Thomas, and published almost half a century earlier (1959 English-Polish volume; 1961 Polish-English volume).

The Kosciuszko Foundation is located at 15 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065