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Feb 25, 2024

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“Negative Personalities”

How ugly their lives must be if they are a living negative personality

  They wake up in a negative state and follow through their whole day with negative complaints, grunts, groans, sighs and moans….and what is wrong with everyone that crosses their path on a daily basis.

I heard one of these “negatives” say that they were going to start “a dingbat list”, and I thought to myself, I hope that she puts her name right on top of the list!  (Doesn’t she realize that she is creating a bad reputation for herself…not anyone else?  I guess not.)

Why go through life being negative?  It only shortens your own life, not someone else’s.  You are not making any points with anyone.  Other people are looking at you and wondering why you can’t be more legitimately pleasant, happy and normal and not cause problems in their environment.

Can you imagine ever “looking up to someone like that”? I don’t think so.  The example they set will only lead to trouble somewhere down the road for you if you follow their ways!  Unfortunately, they think that the world is wrong and they can smooze their way through and around any person to come out on top of any situation.  Boy… are they in for a roller-coaster ride through their life!  The people in this world are much smarter than that, even if they don’t let on to it.

I love being around happy –go – lucky adventurous smiley people.  (Not people who grin from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat……..they are only showing their phoniness.)  You are sitting there looking at them wondering what they are really up to.

Life is an experience to be had…..make it a pleasant experience, not a game with a bag full of tricks.


Drop the negatives; no one wants to hear them!

Volume XII, Article 63