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National Security of Poland Briefing

WASHINGTON, D.C. – At the behest of Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf, 100 leaders of Polish American organizations and associations and special guests in many professional fields from across the U.S. convened here on May 13, 2016 at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland where they heard expert presentations on The National Security of Poland. The embassy meeting was held in conjunction with the May 12th politically bi-partisan annual gathering of the American Polish Advisory Council (APAC) at the U.S. Capitol.  Elected members of both the House and Senate are always invited to address important matters of concern to both Poland and Polonia.

PHOTO: Embassy of Poland Conclave. Pictured speaking to the assembly on the state of Poland’s national defense is Political Section First Secretary Dorota Markiewicz-Zemke. Seated from the right, and listening attentively, is APAC Founder General/Ambassador Edward Rowny, Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf, APAC Executive Director Darek Barcikowski and Consul General Piotr Konowrocki.

Ambassador Schnepf welcomed the guests and emphasized that the Embassy and Poland places the utmost importance on the close cooperation with the American Polonia and the reciprocal support for each other’s initiatives. He said that an example of the good state of Polish-American relations – and military alignment – is illustrated by the recent ground breaking of a U.S. missile defense installation in Redzikowo, northern Poland. Schnepf also placed great emphasis on the upcoming July NATO Summit in Warsaw, citing examples of Poland’s resolute and significant military cooperation with the U.S. and all the other allied NATO partners.

APAC’s Edward Rowny and Darek Barcikowski stressed the importance of maintaining the Polish-American dialogue. “We must be active in politics staring in our local communities, extending to our cities, counties, states and the U.S. Congress,” Barcikowski strongly advised. Polonia activist Maureen Pikarski spoke about the recently conducted listening and networking tours with Polonia and its leaders that evolved into the present two-day’s summit meetings here. Military analyst Conrad Nowak echoed Ambassador Schnepf’s remarks, the importance of the NATO alliance to Poland, and that the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw is of the utmost significance. “Poland has been on the side of right wherever its forces have served,” he remarked.

DSC05109forweb    The embassy briefing concluded with the Political Section First Secretary Dorota Markiewicz-Zemke (in photo) giving a complete and very detailed presentation on the present state of Poland’s national defenses, and emphasized Poland’s dynamic participation with NATO in various military situations. Her delivered vital military statistics, with their corresponding big numbers, left no doubt that Poland is well situated … and is fully prepared … to defend the homeland and forcefully repel against any foreign aggression or associated threats – especially with the rise of a resurgent, militaristic and aggressive Russia too near on Poland’s eastern border.

Richard P. Poremski
Polish American Journal
Washington, DC Bureau
June 9, 2016
(Text & Photos by Richard Poremski)