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NAIC Help New Jersey
Citizens Find Lost Life
Insurance Policies or Annuities

TRENTON, NJ — Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Richard J. Badolato and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) today announced electronic services that provide consumers help in finding lost life insurance policies and annuities. Those searching for a lost life insurance policy or annuity sold in New Jersey can enter their information on a one-page online form and submit it electronically to find valid policies or annuity contracts.

The Department’s Life Insurance Policy Locator is found here on the DOBI website:

The automated tool provides assistance to life insurance or annuity beneficiaries in cases where they believe available coverage exists, but cannot find the original policy and do not have policy information. Individuals who believe that they are beneficiaries, as well as executors and legal representatives of the deceased individual, can submit a request to insurance companies licensed in New Jersey to search for a missing life insurance policy or annuity contract.

“Often people do not know where to turn when searching for a lost life insurance policy or annuity,” said Commissioner Badolato. “Now they can submit their information through our website portal and make an inquiry using the new life insurance policy locator. This is a faster, streamlined approach to assisting consumers get the information they need to file for their benefits.”

Consumer requests are encrypted and secured to maintain confidentiality. Participating insurers will compare submitted requests with available policyholder information and report all matches to the Department through the locator. Companies will then contact beneficiaries or their authorized representatives.

For more information on DOBI’s life insurance policy locator, go to: