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Dec 8, 2023

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Murphy Protest & Support Trump

Monmouth Country True Patriots
Americans Push Back Initiative
Where: Harmony Rd and Route 35, Middletown, NJ
2-5pm, Saturday, July 21

NEW JERSEY – Dozens of NJ Patriots sick and tired of the wacky progressive extremism of Mr. Murphy will protest on gun control, taxes, aiding and abetting illegals, racism and many other issues. Patriots are tired of the lack of scrutiny this governor has gotten meanwhile there is such a bias against President Trump. We are sick of the capricious and arbitrary laws made up by this governor at the expense of the People. There will be a coalition of groups at this event representing many different political spectrums and we currently are targeting Loretta Weinberg for a “recall”.

At the rally will be diverse folks all of whom are patriots and understand the evil destructive policies progressives are using to oppress Americanism. Participants are considering a roadside rally as well.

There are many problems in NJ with the state becoming more and more adversaries of the residents and combined with the highest taxes and a down right disdain for conservatives (a civil rights violation), we simply are not putting up with it. We need good reporting on these issues that protect the People from these horrible policies. The Supreme Court committee acknowledged the growing “public perception” that municipal courts “operate with a goal to fill the town’s coffers” which was “contrary to the purpose of the courts.”

Across New Jersey’s 565 towns are 316 courts that handle cases for one town, 173 courts that share services among a few towns and 24 joint municipal courts that handle bigger caseloads. Those courts are overseen by 314 judges, many of whom are appointed by the towns in which they serve and this can be a concern for corruption and abuse.

That arrangement can create an unnecessary conflict of interest when defendants are unable to pay court-ordered fines and fees and local governments assess a judge’s performance based on revenue collected by the court, the report found.

To date, progressives have gotten a pass on this and sanctuary cities that are criminal and breaking many laws including USC 18 Section 4.

Contact: Frank Cott,
Edware Durfeau