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Dec 1, 2023

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More Change Is Needed

The long recession, Americans out of jobs for prolonged periods of time, young people in debt for their college education, other countries experiencing job increases while jobs have been lost in America has taught us a painful lesson: we need elected and business leaders and America’s consumers to focus on restoring job opportunities in America so our workforce can be fully-employed. We already have an abundance of sales and service-oriented jobs, what we need is to restore manufacturing so that no less than 50% of every item that is sold in America is made in America. At this point, people are feeling the aftermath of the loss of tensof-thousands of private sector industries and tens-of-millions of job opportunities without appropriate action to REVERSE the situation. A lot happened in the name of political correctness and because we live in a free market economy. That being said, all Americans must now put their best foot forward and stand up for the well-being of our country and of our fellow Americans. Thanks to efforts like the Buy American Made Campaign, America’s consumers see that they have the power to help America’s businesses and industries thrive again by directing as much of their spending power as possible on American made products. It is now very evident that Americans are tired of watching their country be a sales point for foreign made products and quite frankly, Americans see there is no reason for jobs not to grow in America! They see no reason why American industries can’t produce quality and cost-effective products for America’s consumption and for export around the world. There is no reason that 50% of everything sold in America RIGHT NOW can’t be made in America again. Most of all there is no reason why business and political leaders, as well as America’s workforce, are not working together on a regular basis to expand private sector jobs for the American people. In order to continue to make change happen, you are urged to speak up in support of American made where you shop and to purchase the American made items that you need. Contact your elected offi cials to let them know where you stand, and support education and training programs which are a positive investment in America’s future. Thanks for your help!

By Michael Blichasz
American Workers Advocate