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Apr 18, 2024

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August 18: The Associated Press published a story entitled, “National Gallery returns drawing to heir of Holocaust victim” in which vague language is used to describe World War II era German Nazi Camps in occupied Poland. Following our Embassy’s prompt reaction, the AP issued a clarificaition:

In a story Aug. 18, The Associated Press reported that the National Gallery of Art was returning a drawing to the heirs of a woman forced to sell it before she was deported to a concentration camp in Poland. The story should have made clear that the concentration camp was run by Nazi Germany, which had occupied Poland at the time. Link

August 20: In an otherwise exquisite article about the daring mission carried out by Jan Karski, The Daily Beast editors included a defective code of memory by writing “Polish ghettos” in the articles title. Once informed of this mistake, the title was modified to “Warsaw ghetto.” Link

August 23: In a book review published by the Associated Press entitled, “Review: ‘The One Man’ is heartfelt and compelling” the author included a  defective code of memory.  Our Embassy sent the Associated Press a letter which resulted in the AP editing the phrase from “Polish ghetto”  to “Jewish ghetto in occupied Poland.” Link

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