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Molly B Polka Party

Molly B with gaggle of kids

Taping for RFD TV – February 21-24

Mollie B had a polka party at the Sokol Hall in Ennis, Texas on Thursday-Sunday Feb. 21-24 where 33 bands played (you read that correctly Thirty Three). The event was recorded and will be aired on her RFD-TV show beginning sometime in April. Each band played for 30-45 minutes for the taping. On the first three days the hall was packed. Unfortunately a lot of people left on Sunday to head back home hoping to beat the snow warnings that were forecast for many midwest & northern states.

One of the most memorable moments was during John Gora’s taping. Not only did he play instruments and sing, but he showed his expertise on the dance floor. Penny Gilley, who has a show on RFD on Tuesdays at 1:30 PM, joined Squeezebox, John Gora, Al Piatkowski and other musicians and sang a couple of songs. You’ll have to tune into Mollie’s program to see the bands. It would take a couple of pages to just list them.