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Miroslaw Pala Named PCF Contingent
Marshal For Pulaski Day Parade

PCF_colorforwebNEW JERSEY – On June 21st, 2014, at the Polish Cultural Foundation, Clark, NJ, Mirosław L. Pala was named the Polish Cultural Foundation Contingent Marshal of the Pulaski Day Parade. Mr. Pala serves as V.P. Business Affairs of the Polish Cultural Foundation. Professionally, Mr. Pala has been successful as a manager of a large construction company in Europe and owner of Admire Limo LLP. He has contributed his business experience to the Polish Cultural Foundation in the mission to bring it to its former glory.

L-R: Mrs. Elizabeth Kebernik-Kubicz the Polish Cultural Foundation – 2013 Contingent Marshal of the Pulaski Day Parade, Mr. Miroslaw L. Pala – Polish Cultural Foundation 2014 Contingent Marshal of the Pulaski Day Parade, Mrs. Heidi Jadwiga Kopala – Vice President of the Pulaski Day Parade, Mr. Marek Ruszala – President of the Polish Cultural Foundation.

The Polish Cultural Foundation was formed to enrich both the American and Polish community by sponsorship and support of the national, social, educational, scientific, cultural, athletic and other events which demonstrate Polish abilities, traditions, customs and contributions to world cultures.

The Pulaski Day Parade is a parade held annually since 1937 on Fifth Avenue in New York City to commemorate Kazimierz Pulaski, a Polish hero of the American Revolutionary War. It is held on the first Sunday of October and closely coincides with the October 11th General Pulaski Memorial Day, a national observance of his death at the Siege of Savannah. (source Wikipedia)