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Michigan Beat (week of Sept. 17th)

It’s been awhile since you the readers have heard from the Michigan Beat. This is the first of my columns that will only be seen on the Post Eagle website. I hope that this goes well and I can continue to bring you all the great polka news / information that I have. Always remember to contact me with all of your polka related information at or snail mail at 258 Thornridge Ct. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504.

Michigan is in full swing with church festivals and other festivals. The first festival that the Michigan Beat attended was in Grand Haven, MI at St. Patrick’s / St. Anthony’s Parish. (This is the parish that the Michigan Beat attends during the summer.) The next festival was in a town just down the road, also on the Michigan shore, in Spring Lake. A few weeks later, it was back to Grand Rapids, MI where the Michigan Beat spends the winter. The two festivals that I attended were Holy Trinity and (my parish) Holy Spirit. Both of these festivals included polka music.

The end of August in Michigan brought the Frankenmuth Summer Music Fest. This includes many of the nation’s top polka bands. People from all over the country attend this festival. Also at the end of August was the Polish festival in Grand Rapids, MI where many great polka bands also played. A few of the highlights of this festival were the polka bands – “Pan” Franek, Zosia & The Polkatowners and BOX ON. Both of these bands have released new CD’s that you will want to check out.

Finally this past weekend (the middle of September) before this column was written, America’s Concertina King, Jersey Polka Richie, played at the Kindy Polka Fest in Kindy, MI.

Check out the next edition of the Michigan Beat for more details on that and more.