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The Michigan Beat 5-1-13

Lots to talk about this month!

Dyngus Day events in Buffalo, New York with Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push along with fifteen hundred people! The band played on Sunday & Monday, plus there was a bus load from New England.

Tony Blazonczyk’s New Phaze played for Dyngus Day in Crumstown, Indiana. By 9 in the morning, the hall was filled to capacity for this Polish holiday. This event was also covered by (Fox Network) FOX 28 in Northern Indiana. It was also seen at . The tables were full at this event by 8:00 A.M., and to give an idea of the amount of food there was, there was five hundred pounds of Polish sausage.

News about America’s Concertina King, Jersey Polka Richie. He will be playing at a wedding in Sobieski, MN and also at a dance in St. Cloud, MN. On Sunday, April 21st, he played for a dance in Vero Beach, Florida. There were twice the number of people that were expected! On Saturday, May 11th, Jersey Polka Richie will be playing in Steven’s Point Wisconsin, at Steven’s Point Area Snow High School. Looking ahead to August, Jersey Polka Richie will be recording for Molly B and RFD TV in Medina, MN.

Bel – Aire Enterprises has some things going on… May 5th 2013, a Polish Constitution Day Dance will be held at Glendora House with the Polka Family & Mariachi Potosino.

There will also be a Mother’s Day Dinner Dance at Polonia Banquets in Chicago, Ill.

Sunday, April 7th was a big day in Muskegon, MI. There was the dance at Tatra Hall with Polka music by the Stan Mroz Polka Band from Grand Rapids, MI. This same day, there was the Divine Mercy Novena at St. Mikeal’s Catholic Church in Muskegon, MI. This whole thing at the church was put together by the Piotrowski Family from Muskegon, MI. You may know this name… This is the family that has the polka band, “Pan” Franek, Zosia & the Polka Towners.

The “LFA” Hall in Bay City, MI had Molly B. & Squeeze Box on Sunday, April 14th. The Polka Boosters Club of America had Fred Ziwich play from Ohio. This same club will have another dance coming up with Lenny Z and the “O” Street Band from Chicago, Ill.

Finally the Warren Polka Boosters Club held their 41st Anniversary Dance; providing the music was The New Brass Express from Michigan.

The east side of the state of Michigan has a lot going on! Virgil Baker & The Just For Fun Band played The Polka Hall of Fame in Owosso, MI on Sunday, April 14th for the Michigan State Polka Hall of Fame Dance. This band has just released their latest recording entitled Virgil Baker Join In The Fun. This recording includes twenty songs, not all polka music, so there is something for everyone. Get more details at .

Finally a new bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan has been named. Our new bishop is (Polish) Father David J. Walkowiak of the Diocese of Cleveland. He officially takes over as our bishop on June 18th, 2013. The diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan covers eleven counties and services 182,000 Catholics.

I have run out space for this month, so there will be more information in my column next month that I did not have the space for this month. Thank you to everyone who continues to submit information to the Michigan Beat. Please continue to email information to