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Dec 8, 2023

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“Memories of Elvis”

A special article dedicated to Chris MacDonald… A Living Legend

Chris MacDonald is keeping alive the Memories of Elvis…to say that is an understatement!

I was lucky enough to have a seat in the first row to see his show at the Bergen Performing Arts Center,in Englewood, NJ.  I didn’t know what to expect, except that I was there for a night out.  It is three days later that I am sitting here writing this article for my column, and you’ll have to peel me off the ceiling to come back to earth!  I kept looking for some indication that I guess an Elvis Impersonator would have.  Three hours of total awe, surprise and respect is what I came away with.

In photo: L-R: DJ Fontana (Elvis’ original drummer), Alexis Vale, Chris MacDonald

Chris MacDonald looks like Elvis, has a voice that is exactly the same as Elvis’, his hands, mannerisms and physique …he is Elvis at his best years.  Every, every move Chris made was 100% right on point!  The black leather outfit….nothing missing there.  I felt like I spent three hours with Elvis at a phenomenal show.  I could not imagine that this would ever be possible….to say he has talent is a moot point.

I was never an Elvis crazed person through the years but I always did want to see his show….but it just never happened.  Now I know why, it was worth the wait to see Chris MacDonald!  Nothing was strained about his performance…nothing was “as if he was trying to be like Elvis”.  He just flowed Elvis…. smooth as the King of Rock and Roll.

DJ Fontana said to me, “write a good article about Chris”.  I can only imagine what it must be like for DJ Fontana and the Jordonaires having worked with Elvis for years….to be re-living the same experience over again with Chris MacDonald!

My readers know how I have written about Souls & Reincarnation from time to time…well this is one episode that shocked even me!  I looked at Chris in his eyes and I think that he knew that I knew…and I told him “Elvis has been reincarnated in you”.  “Thank you”, he said, but he knew that this was bigger than that.  He is no “wanna be” …He Is.

Listening to him singing every one of Elvis’ songs, I just wanted to cry… I had every emotion running through me and some emotions that I wasn’t even aware of….. You haven’t lived until you hear him sing “You Gave Me a Mountain”, Suspicious Minds” and “If I can Dream”! (In a recent article I wrote about, “it takes a mountain to move me”… well, I met the Mountain!)

I think that I have burned his CD Disks out already!  It is no wonder that Chris MacDonald was the only tribute artist approved and contracted by Elvis Presley Enterprises to perform at Graceland’s Heartbreak Hotel for seven consecutive years.

An astrologer read my Birth Chart years ago and she told me that in a past life I was in the circle of entertainers and actors, being one myself, “so don’t be too surprised when they cross your path in this lifetime, or you instinctively gravitate toward them”.  It works both ways, because I can see someone in the now and know I knew them before…..(when I’m at a  loss for words and can’t talk straight…I instinctively know this is happening and I just crossed over from the past to the present!)

Well, Chris MacDonald “is living in both Elvis worlds” IN THE NOW!  And I must have been lucky enough to know him back when!


By Alexis Vale (Woman’s Way columnist)