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Always first to fight for the good name of Polish Americans and Poland, coming to the defense of Poland and her people, Chester Grabowski, Editor and Publisher of The Post Eagle newspaper, died on April 25, 2012; just seven months before the Post Eagle’s 50th Anniversary.

Chester was born on July 13, 1925 in Harrison NJ, to parents who emigrated from Poland.

He earned a B.S. Degree from Seton Hall University; he attended John Marshall Law School and earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence at Seton Hall Law School. He also attended Alliance College for special folk summer courses.

He was a former member of the Matusz Polish Folk Dance Group and a member of various singing societies.

Chester was fluent in Polish, and acted as an interpreter in the New Jersey courts.

Due to the lack of representation and recognition of the Polish people in the mass media, Chet Grabowski decided to dedicate his life to this cause. Taking a brave stand, Mr. Grabowski in 1963, launched his dream, THE POST EAGLE, a Polish American weekly newspaper. Through this paper he fought for Polish recognition in all areas of endeavor very successfully. Chester dedicated the newspaper to the preservation of the Polish heritage and culture in the U.S., the recognition for all Americans of Polish descent, and promoting good citizenship in our country.