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Meet and Learn: How To
Get Noticed In Today’s
Saturated Media Environment

NEW YORK CITY – MEET and LEARN is an event series for young professionals offered by the Kosciuszko Foundation. Our meetings are focused on business, personal and professional development issues. Each event will feature a guest speaker that will bring you bite sized insights and thought leadership followed by a networking session. The MEET and LEARN event series is hosted by Dorothy Lata (Dor Lata On Camera Image Consulting)

The next MEET and LEARN: How to tell your story and get noticed in today’s saturated media environment featuring guest speaker Diane Brady will be held on Wednesday, March 6, 7:30 p.m. at The Kosciuszko Foundation, 15 E 65th Street in New  York City.

Journalist Diane Brady has interviewed thousands of newsmakers over the years and sifted through even more media pitches. In an age where anyone can create content, the biggest challenge is getting the right audience to pay attention. Diane will share insights on how to become a valued source for journalists, understand and tell your story across multiple platforms, and connect with the audiences that you want to reach. Audience numbers will be limited to allow for more personal feedback.

Diane Brady is an award-winning journalist, author, and media consultant who is working on new ways to connect ideas and people through compelling conversations, content, and partnerships. Prior to starting her own company, Diane was senior editor/content chief of Bloomberg Businessweek, where she managed global corporate coverage, launched several new editorial initiatives and partnerships, and wrote award-winning cover stories on topics from Martha Stewart to The Pet Economy. She continues to work with media brands and is a biweekly guest on Business Matters on BBC World Service.

To purchase tickets, go to or call the foundation at 212-734-2130.