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Dec 2, 2023

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McGreevey For Mayor

By Jim Dombrowski

Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey recently announced his run for Mayor of Jersey City in 2025.   The announcement was held at a Dominican Restaurant, “El Sabor del Cafe”, in the Greenville section of Jersey City (owned by Candido Ortiz.) The small cafe in Jersey City’s roughest neighborhood is a testament to the successful nature of Governor McGreevey’s work with the NJ Reentry Corporation which helps convicts released from prison get a second chance.

Jim’s message to the packed crowd was one of second chances.  Candido Ortiz spent 20 years in Federal Prison and took advantage of the program with the personal guidance of the former governor.  Jim has spent over three years working with individuals hoping to become successful after being released from prison.

McGreevey spoke about his mistakes and also his successes. “I would have never gotten a chance to help others if I did not falter in my life.  I have apologized for my mistakes and I think the good I have done for those incarcerated has helped make me a better person,” explained McGreevey.

Photo Caption:  A packed house filled El Sabor del Cafe for the early announcement of former Governor Jim McGreevey’s run for Jersey City Mayor.  Next to Jim is Cafe owner Candido Ortiz,a successful example of the NJ Reentry Corporation Program. Behind Jim & Candido is Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh who was on hand to endorse the former governor.  The amount of media covering the announcement was huge especially considering the election isn’t until 2025.  

The former Governor’s first accomplishment as Governor during his 2 years in office was revamping the DMV into a 21st Century Agency.  Long lines and inefficiency had plagued the DMV forever; public perception of the DMV was similar to getting a root canal. You can thank Jim for the streamlining of vehicle registration and license renewals.

When asked why he is coming out of political retirement to run for Mayor, McGreevey expressed his desire to make Jersey City a better place to live for all its residents and not just the upper crust.  “Not everyone can afford to pay $6000 a month rent.  Our public schools can be better and more parking is needed, plus regulations are needed on electric scooters,” voiced McGreevey.

The Post Eagle will be covering the Jersey City’s Mayoral Race which will probably pit the former  governor against Commissioner Bill O’Dea.  The present  Mayor Steve Fulop will not run for re-election as he is hoping to represent the Democratic Party in the 2025 Governor’s Race.

Photo Caption:  WINS Néws Radio interviewing Jim McGreevey before his announcement to run for Jersey City Mayor.  (PHOTOS BY JIM DOMBROWSKI)