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Dec 1, 2023

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The word for today is the month of – MARCH. The Roman god of war is the source of the name of this month – March. The Romans over a period of one thousand years set out to conquer the world. If they had known about the American hemispheres they surely would have set out to conquer North and South America. Famous Roman generals set the pace for Roman expansion. Rome controlled the Mediterranean lands and European countries as far north as Britain.

Here is an interesting note from the time after Julius Caesar’s assassination. MarcAntony, in competition with Octavius Caesar, decides to add Parthia to his list of client countries after his conquest of Armenia. He and his army invade Parthia..but are viciously defeated and barely return to Syria. He is seriously wounded in the arm and almost dies from infection if not for Cleopatra’s physician who drains the wound. The Romans at this time could not conquer Parthia. By the way, that region of Parthia is none other than Iraq and Iran.