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Jul 13, 2024

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Making A Profound Statement
without saying a word…

When talking, reasoning, attacking, criticizing and God knows what else that doesn’t work when trying to “verbally shake some sense into someone”, then STOP!  Do not say another word.

STOP THE MADNESS, “KISS THEM OFF” AND WALK AWAY.  If it happens to be an older person being negatively influenced by a wicked manipulator who pretends “to be such a happy-go-lucky good, giving person”…….stop and ask yourself why?  If you are intelligent, you will want to know why they portray themselves as something better than white on white.  It is a front, a pretense.  They would flip their page in the blink of an eye if it served them well to do so.

But, the other person on the receiving end of this nicety, thinks that “they know it all” so the only way that they will hit the wall is when the realization hits home….probably too late!

Being gullible and whipped through life is no way to go, and you saying nothing is not acceptance.  For others it is just utter disgust at how they see one person “being played” and the other person is so snide and thinks they are sure of what they are doing.

Ask yourself, “why get in the middle of that play-act”?  Actually both of them are playing off each other to get what they want and of course anyone who is in disagreement gets thrown off to the side…..friend, foe, or family included.

However, the snide one’s body language and their mouth tell it all.  Watch, look, and listen when this person starts their drama.  (They put “drama queens” to shame!)  Everyone around them will pick up on it and the comments made won’t be a surprise to anyone, except for the gullible one that they have thrown their hook into.

My, oh my, the webs we weave “to catch our prey”….but sometimes a bigger spider comes along who is no match for the “snide one”, and  that is when heads will turn and everyone will say how did that happen?!

(There is more to life than life, and people are never in control, even though they may think so.)

Volume XII, Article 74