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Sep 30, 2023

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Maestros Men “Rock” The House At Rock Club

Two bands were scheduled on October 19th at one of Rhode Island’s top hard rock clubs, Ocean Mist ( Badfish in the evening, and for the very first time ever, a polka band in the afternoon – our very own IPA Hall of Famer Dennis Polisky and his talented band The Maestro’s Men. The bar was mostly filled with a mixture of young and middle aged patrons. The sound board guy was quick to realize the power of the Maestros Men and did a wonderful job. Dennis did a magnificent job of song selection; it was not long before the infectious sound of the Maestros Men captivated the now attentive audience. Feet and hands were tapping and even the wait staff was hopping and throwing in an occasional yell. As the afternoon quickly moved forward, participation kept increasing with many younger people doing their thing on the dance floor, creating their own version of the polka. As the afternoon moved on, more and more non-polka people joined in enjoying the band. At the end, many stood in front of the band and around the dance floor; all singing “HEY” along with Jackie who was singing the final polka Hey Sololy, the Falcons. The combination of a great band playing great polka music convincingly won the approval of an open-minded rock audience. Congratulations to all the Maestro’s Men for this spectacular performance in a most unlikely venue!

– Submitted by John Ziobrowski