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Lydia Katchmar Celebrated 80th Birthday In Style

Lydia with her daughter

On August 2 Lydia Katchmar celebrated her 80th birthday by throwing a spectacular party at the Moose Lodge in Vallejo. Lydia was resplendent in her red dress with Sam on her arm in his formal suit looking very gallant. Sam and Lydia hosted over 100 people with a marvelous dinner and dancing to music provided by Showcase with Stefan Kochishan sitting in for a couple of sets. 

Lydia was a stage dancer in her younger years and displayed pictures of her in dance pose, which we all tried to emulate, but, alas the body will no longer assume those positions. The party started with drinks and Lydia’s daughter introduced the family and waxed eloquently on her mother’s life – one would think that she was ready for sainthood. Lydia then addressed us and assured us that she had a long way to go for sainthood. We sang the traditional “Happy Birthday” tune and, then the family from Germany and her many German friends joined together for a rousing version of the same auf Deutsch, alle zusammen, “Zum Geburtstag viel Glück !”

Don with young Lydia

Many of Sam & Lydia’s polka friends attended, who filled the dance floor along with her family and many friends for the entire evening. Lydia was in such high demand on the dance floor that I’m not sure Sam even got to spin around the room with her. The band played an excellent mix of polka, waltz, tango, foxtrot, rhumba, and swings – appealing to everyone.

The German birhday choir

Lydia and Sam have energy and verve that belies their ages. May they continue to dance and to have fun. We’re anticipating their next milestone.