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Lighting Up The Katyn
Memorial In Baltimore

Baltimore, Md.  – Second Annual Light City Baltimore Festival. This year’s light festival ran from March 31 to April 8, 2017 and attendance eclipsed last year’s 400,000 visitors. It was decided to extend the festival to the Harbor East neighborhood, where the National Katyn Memorial is the prominent focal point and centerpiece.

Pictured is an aerial view National Katyn Memorial as illuminated by a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colored lights from six surrounding light projectors on the rainy opening festival night. 

Mission Statement: Light City Baltimore is the first large scale, international light festival in the U.S. Light City is a free festival that transforms Baltimore with large-scale light installations, performances, music and innovation. Central to Light City is the BGE Light Art Walk along Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, featuring more than 50 attractions including illuminated sculptures, projections, interactive technologies, food vendors and a children’s area.

     Light City’s innovation programming generates an ecosystem of ideas and learning during the day – while lights, performances and live music reimagine Baltimore at night.

The Baltimore Polonia is very pleased with the inclusion of its Katyn Memorial this year. It is a very valuable opportunity to educate the visitors about the tragedy of Katyn, and to impart pertinent Polish historical information from the large, illustrated on-site signage.


Richard Poremski
Polish American Journal
Washington, DC Bureau
April 2, 2017