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Letters (week of October 22, 2014)

Thanks To The Post Eagle

Dear Post Eagle,

I just want to say that as a Polish American, I want to say thanks to the Post Eagle and all of your good work over the past decades in promoting and defending people of Polish ancestry. I hope that the Post Eagle will continue to publish……even if it’s on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. It doesn’t make a big difference to me how often you publish your newspaper, as long as you folks still continue your newspaper or at least your website.

As a contributor to the Polish American website,, I can tell you that we at have always pointed out (and will continue to point out) all of the good work your newspaper and its founder Chester Grabowski did in defending Polish people from unfair media Anti-Polish attacks and ethnic slurs/jokes.   Go to and see the top left part of the page and click on “God Bless Chester Grabowski and his “Post Eagle” for defending Polish people”.

In addition….some of our members created the Youtube video “Polish Jokes Origin is Nazi German propaganda Part 2B”, which in part contains information on the contributions of Post Eagle Founder Chester Grabowski and the Post Eagle in its endeavors of fighting Hollywood/TV media anti-Polish slurs and Anti-Polish hate jokes.

Also do a search on Youtube and see on “Polish Jokes Origin is Nazi German propaganda Part 2C” and “Polish jokes Origin is Nazi German propaganda Part 2D”.

Once again, thanks for all that you have done for Polish people.

Richard Kruszen
Hanover, NJ


Do You Know Where Our Tax Monies Go?

I am so disgusted with the President’s decisions and all those in government who have the authority to decide where our tax money goes. There are 195 countries in the world and we give money to 173 of them; even those who hate us and burn our flag in public displays of anger. We’re told we don’t have enough money to care for our veterans or the people in Appalachia and those on our own American Indian reservations, yet Congress has ok’d money for ridiculous eyebrow raising projects and the President gives billions away without hesitation!

Senator Tom Coburn published his “Waste Book” on Washington tax dollar waste. Consider these expenditures… $98,000 for outhouse in Alaska; $150,000 for a puppet show in Long Island, or how about the $17.5 million dollar tax break given to brothels in Nevada!!! Thank you Harry Reid. Would you vote to give $27 million to Morocco to teach pottery design? This administration did! Just recently, we found out about the Dept. of Homeland Security purchasing gym memberships for employees to the tune of $450,000.00!

To add insult to injury, with millions unemployed, less tax money is being collected. In 2011, 312 Federal employees owed $3.5 billion in back taxes. Forty (40) staffers in the White House were delinquent in tax payments. Federal Contractors owed $5 billion in back taxes. Federal Court employees (894 people) owed $12.7 MILLION! In 2013, Federal employees owed $3.5 BILLION in back taxes.

In 2013 VP Joe Biden’s brother got the contract for building government homes in Iraq at the cost of $8 BILLION (Joe’s brother has no building experience); $700,000.00 MILLION allotted for CEO salaries.

In 2014 Barack Obama gave $190 million to California for Unions and political activist groups to promote Obamacare.

What is it going to take to stop this insane, irresponsible spending?

Do you budget your own income that way? Call your Senators and tell them to STOP!

Wake up Americans!