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Letters (week of November 5, 2014)

Dance Successful…
Many Read About Dance On Post Eagle Website

To the Editor

I recently was a part of the team that brought polka dancing back to the St John Baptist Church in Perth Amboy, NJ, this past Oct 18th., and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in promoting our polka dinner dance in the Post Eagle on-line newspaper. We had a large, lively crowd.

The Post Eagle was responsible for sending many polka fans to our dance, as they brought along our ad that appeared in the Post Eagle. We plan to have more dances in 2015 and you can be sure we will be sending you more ads.

Best wishes,
John Punola
Polka Promoter



Protect Our Citizens And Uphold Standing Law

If you are sitting at home and a hornet flys in your open window and stings you, wouldn’t your first act be to close the window so no other hornets could enter and bite you or members of your family?

This seems like such a logical, common sense solution to the problem. This is why I can not understand the President’s reluctance to order a travel ban on people coming from Ebola infested areas or those holding Liberian passports who have flown here from other countries. We should deny entry to anyone from West Africa until the epidemic has been brought under control.

Dr. Thomas Frieden, the CDC director explains it this way. If we impose a flight ban, it will INCREASE our risk of contracting ebola here in our country. WHAT??!! The man in charge of the CDC with extremely faulty logic and no common sense! It’s frightening!

I watched the Congressional hearings and was struck by the fact that Dr. Frieden’s answers were not his own. I am convinced that a physician with his training and infectious disease experience could never have made such foolish, illogical statements. I believe he was given his answers by someone higher up in this administration, and consequently, looked and sounded totally inept!

The President has the power because of the 2005 Pandemic Plan to immediately stop flights from endemic areas from coming here. Why won’t he do it? We know he supports the “U.N.’s radical green initiative.” Could that be the reason? Instead of sending National Guard troops to West Africa, he should send them to guard OUR southern border! Our country has the “National Guard” not the “International Guard.” These guardsmen are not trained in the proper procedures to prevent transmission nor will they all be provided proper protective clothing.

Look at all the people who have been exposed to this virus by the arrival of ONE infected patient – hundreds that we know of, perhaps thousands within the next few weeks. Plus the millions of dollars spent on care and clean up.

WAKE UP AMERICANS! Contact your Senators and insist they pressure the President to do his job, uphold standing law and protect this country’s citizens!!