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May 19, 2024

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Letters (week of 8-27-14)

Are You Informed, Involved & Active To Save Our Nation?

What are you doing to contribute to society’s well being? Have you conformed to the rules of the self-appointed political correctness police? The Constitution provides for freedom of speech for me and YOU too, without a litany of words and phrases deemed offensive to others. Think about it! Almost any word or phrase uttered will offend someone, somewhere, somehow with or without intention. Political correctness is one of the worst things that has happened to our society. It prohibits free exchange of ideas and discussion, usually to further a political agenda.

Are you too busy with your life, job, hobbies, grand-children or other interests to pay attention to what is happening to our country? Are you afraid to discuss your political ideas and concerns with others who disagree with you? Why this fear to communicate?  Even worse are those who don’t watch the news or read the papers because they find it too depressing or stressful or frightening. Most psychologists will tell you that most relationships end because of the failure of those involved to communicate. These people who choose to distance themselves from the lies, deceit, greed, power grabbing and undermining of this country and do NOTHING or say NOTHING will be the first to ask, in utter disbelief when their freedoms are gone, “How did this happen?” It happened because YOU allowed it! You cannot continue to bury your head in the sand. Our country is being DESTROYED! The time is long past for you to become informed, involved and active to save our nation.

The political left is all for freedom of speech as long as your opinion agrees with their philosophy. This would be the perfect time for discussion except that in his book “Rules for Radicals”, Saul Alinsky advises that leftists attempting to effect change should have no conversation with their opponents because open discussion might lead to logic and understanding of their arguments thus humanizing the debater in the eyes of the public. Not a good thing according to his doctrine.

So, I repeat. What are you doing to help prevent voter fraud so rampant in the last two elections? Are you arming yourself with FACTS before accepting the lies being fed to you? Are you acting like the brave and principled soldiers who fought and died to preserve the freedoms we enjoy?




Get Inspired!
Listen To Our Saint Pope John Paul

Hi! How R ya?

As aficionado of Passaic Public Library I seek knowledge and inspiration to help me become a nicer, better person for family, community, country AND GOD! During recent browsing of shelves I found among cassette discs: POPE JOHN PAUL II “Gift and Mystery” – his discourse about life in Poland when Hitler’s Nazis invaded, and his motivation to become a Catholic Priest. I listened to his talk intensely and amazed he spoke our American language better than me — and a lot of other Americans.

It behooves Catholics, Christians, and we of Polish heritage to get Pope John Paul’s discs – LISTEN! Get inspired!

Friendly yours,