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LETTERS TO EDITOR – November 21st

Stay Informed!

Stay Safe!

I would like to encourage everyone who has a cell phone or an email address to sign up for a free-of-charge alert site at The Nixle service allows verified government agencies and police departments to send messages directly to your cell phone and email. I signed up with Nixle a few months ago and receiving alerts during Hurricane Sandy from the Wallington police department and local agencies which was priceless! Those of us who signed up with Nixle and the Wallington website knew exactly what was happening in our town. We became aware of what we needed to do for our safety. You can register online or text your zip code to 888777 for text message notifications. Also, if your hometown website has an emergency notification option, please sign up. Thank you for all the alerts in past weeks to keep us calm and keep us safe! Safety comes first!

Izabela Bacza

Wallington Councilwoman (NJ)


No More Gas Shortage In Passaic, NJ!

Hi! How R ya?

  On my walk home from Third Ward – Passaic Park, I saw gas stations on Main Avenue from Brook Avenue to Passaic Avenue with only occasional cars pulling into stations to pump gas. NO MORE LINES! How about that!

  Americans did it again — survived another interruption to our Way of Life!



Shame On U.S. of A.

Christine, The Post Eagle Staff, and U.S. of A. Citizens,

I get a kick out of: The celebrations of 2001, 9/11 proposed today. We pray for the victims and families but not for U.S. of A. goofs.   Greed in my lifetime is amazing: 1st – Pearl Harbor 2nd – 9/11/2001 3rd – Museum being built   Half-way to hell at Twin Towers – New York. One of the newspapers yesterday – probably New York Times or Wall Street Journal read (slight recap).   Seems the proposed memorial for 9/11 is running into a shortage of dollars and uncertainty of the Twin Towers.   Government, as usual, doesn’t know or care about the deep pockets of contractors, politicians or stock market.   The supposedly terrorists certainly are pleased and amazed and probably honored in their faith that “the 2001 was so successful” (especially that we now need to fear them).   As former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated, “Live in Infamy”.

God bless God-fearing people.



P.S. Glad we have The Post Eagle to complain.