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Letters 1-9-13

Post Eagle… “Best Co Jest”!

Dear Post Eagle,
Enclosed is a check for $35.00. I enjoy the paper very much “BEST CO JEST”. Also a little something for some Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you Mr. Feletski for your note and for the “Christmas Cheer!”
It was so kind of you to think of us. Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


Shock and Dismay

I certainly was shocked and dismayed to read that there is clear evidence that two bombs were planted on the plane that crashed carrying all those Polish dignitaries to their deaths.
It doesn’t seem possible that in today’s culture of terrorism that the planes security could have failed so miserably.

It Happened… Someone Sued To Protect Freedom of Religion

Dear Uncle Sam. Hi! How R ya?
For about 2,000 years, Christians have been commemorating Christmas – Birth of Jesus Christ, my Messiah who taught us that to have a nicer, safer world we must learn to love God, love family, neighbor, stranger and ourselves. I accept that this is the best way to eliminate hate and hurts on our planet.
Atheists in America have been suing in court to remove Christian symbols off public property including Christmas creche displays. Atheists and attorneys did good jobs convincing judges such symbols and displays violate Church/State separation. Displays, symbols are being removed, abolished by government and school officials.
History records movements to eliminate Christianity. They failed! I believe Christianity will prevail in America despite judicial rulings. (Judges are imperfect and erred before.)
Then it happened! Someone smarter than me sued to protect Freedom of Religion. I saw an article in December 12th issue of The Post Eagle: “Court Rules Private Display of Nativity Scene is Allowed in Public Places.”
Warren MI – A nativity scene dating back to 1945 will be up this year after a 4-year absence. Federal Court of Appeals Judges deemed that private display of nativity scene on Mount Road’s median in Warren, Michigan is constitutional and city’s refusal to allow the display violated First Amendment. (How about that!)
In 2008 the FREEDOM OF RELIGION FOUNDATION sent a threatening letter to Macomb County Road Commissioners.
The Salaway family displayed a nativity on a public median since 1945.
In 2008 when the family applied for a permit, government officials denied it because Nativity contains a “religious message”. Family filed suit claiming officials violated their right to free speech. Court of Appeals judges agreed. (Now why didn’t I think of that!).
Liberty Counsel, an international non-profit, litigation, education, and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom offers pro-bono counsel and litigation if needed to support a town’s right to display nativity scenes. Log on at:
It is good to know that birthplace – replicas of my Messiah may be displayed publicly. It refreshes me to, “Love God, Family, Neighbor, Stranger, Self!”
(Atheists can love Family, Neighbor, Stranger & Self–its their Right).