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Letters 9-4-13

Atomic Bomb Necessary

Hi! How R ya?

Alexander Karwoski did a good job explaining why he believes Atomic Bombs were not necessary to end Tojo’s Japanese war. Is Pan Karwoski a WWII veteran who served in the Pacific Theater fighting Japanese? I don’t think so. Else he would have known the closer Americans and Allies island- hopped to Japan, the more ferocious was the fighting. Surrender was dishonorable for military and civilian. On Saipan, rather than surrender, the military died fighting; civilians committed suicide – men, women, children. Mothers with babes in arms jumped off cliffs into the sea.

Also, as WWII veteran in Pacific, he could have been part of the invasion force and not survive to write his August 21st letter about the use of atomic bombs to end that war.

Had Emperor and Military officers accepted President Roosevelt’s Unconditional Surrender before the bombs, they would have kept Emperor and got Constitutional Democracy received after bombs.

Being in the Pacific, I’m glad we did not have to invade.




War Prolonged

In the spring of 1945, the Japanese army was still more than four million strong and better trained and larger than at the time of the initial attack at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese Supreme Council for the direction of the war had 6 members; three members wanted to accept the Potsdam Proclamation with only a single proviso: that the Imperial system remain in place. But the other three resolved to fight on unless the Allies also agreed not to occupy the home islands or disarm its armed forces, or try Japanese soldiers for war crimes. Note: You could fill a book about Jap atrocities. FDR said no and the Japs would not accept unconditional surrender, prolonging the war.

The atomic bomb became operational and President Truman ok’ed the use of it. The atomic bomb was used first against military targets and industries of Hiroshima, later against the munitions plants and repair yards at Nagasaki. Hirohito broke the deadlock and accepted the Allied proclamation. The Allies agreed to a face saving compromise. Hirohito remained a symbolic power but subject to the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers, Hirohito insured the surrender of his forces still stationed overseas and thus saving Americans from a score of bloody Iwo Jimas and Okinawas.

The atomic bomb convinced Hirohito to surrender. Thank God for an overly patriotic President – the great Harry Truman.

Some Notes: Truman saved West Berlin from the Communists. The Berlin Airlift – the Marshall Plan saved millions of people in Europe from starving after World War II. He saved South Korea from the Communists. Today South Korea is the 13th largest economy in the world. God bless Harry Truman, God bless our troops, God bless America, and remember…