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Letters 9-25-13

Agrees That Atomic Bombing of Japan Unnecessary

Dear Editor “The Post Eagle”,

I’ve been following the exchange of letters attacking Alexander Karwoski’s letter which maintained that the atomic bombing of Japan was unnecessary in 1945. As a Libertarian truth seeker and historical revisionist, I concur with Mr. Karwoski’s letter. Rather than rebut his critics, I’ve enclosed a reprint on this topic from The Journal of Historical Review, May-June 1997 issue which I hope you’ll reprint in The Post Eagle. If you can’t fit it in, please at least publish their address and website so readers may check it out for themselves.

Please keep being the beacon of free speech that you have always been!

For Liberty and Truth

EDITOR’s NOTE: For our readers who are interested in the story that Mr. Richards mentions in this letter, check out “The Journal of Historical Review” – May/June 1997, article entitled “The Ethics of War: Hiroshima and Nagasaki After 50 Years”, written by Gregory P. Pavlik. Their website is: and the address is: Institute for Historical Review, P.O. Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659. Tel: 714-593-9725, email:


How Will We Know Who Has Control of Gases
Unless There Are “Boots On The Ground”

I have watched the Congressional hearings where John Kerry has given an impassioned speech pleading for the need for a military strike against Syria. He cites the deaths of children being killed by chemical warfare. When did John Kerry become a hawk? He was the biggest DOVE after the Vietnam War… threw his medals away when he came home; medals he did not earn honestly. The man did not serve honorably. I am surprised he even mentioned his stint in the military when he was angered by some questions by one of the Senators. If you have never read the book, “Unfit for Command” by Jerome Corsi, I would recommend it just so you can measure the integrity of the man who is now Secretary of State. I do not believe anything he says.

If the goal in bombing Syria is really to stop the killing of its people with poisonous gas, I don’t see how bombing will prevent further atrocities without sending in our “boots on the ground”. How will we know who has control of these poisonous gases after we bomb? If Assad is deposed who will take over? The Muslim Brotherhood?  Al Quada? What guarantee do we have that the radical Muslims won’t use the gas? What will guarantee that the children will not be killed by our bombs? There is no way the President can control what happens after he drops the first bomb. There is no way to be sure the response can be limited in time and scope as the President has promised. How can we be sure we are backing the right group? John McCain and John Kerry are basing their support for attacking Syria on the advice they are getting from a 26 year old woman, Elizabeth O’bagy, who is a paid advocate for the rebels. Why are the President, John McCain and John Kerry so outraged now about the use of chemical warfare? Why weren’t they publicly vocal about the use of gas in the underground transit system in Japan or in Iraq? Why now? Could it be that when President Obama went on TV and drew the “red line” last August, he now finds it necessary to back up his warning because his bluff has been called?

The President stood at the podium in Sweden today and declared, “I didn’t set a red line, the world set a red line.” Yet, we have him on tape saying just that. “My credibility is not on the line, the international community is on the line.” No, Mr. President, your credibility is on the line. It’s bad enough that you lie to us on a regular basis, but now you are lying to the rest of the world and they know it.

When we elect men to office we cannot sit back with indifference! The great liberties we want are the liberties we get but only if we remain informed, involved and diligent. Men have fought and died to give us these liberties and when those we have elected destroy that trust it is our moral duty to rebuke them.

It is wrong to go to war to protect someone’s credibility!