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Letters 8-6-14

Hillary Clinton Is No Friend of Poland…
Wants Poland To Pay


John Czop’s column on “Victims of Communism” brought out some pertinent facts (7-16-14). He alerted us to what Hillary Clinton was up to when she was Secretary of State. Clinton adamantly insisted that Poland pay the Jews a $50 billion – plus lump sum for former property in Poland.

Why is this Clinton woman so much against Poland and so much for the Jews? It’s known that the Clintons are dollar-drunk. Who has the money to finance her run for the Presidency? One guess. Notice that her daughter married a Jew. Add to that that Hillary was invited by Susan Herbst, President of UConn, to speak at that university for the sum of $250,000.00. “Herbst” is German for “autumn”, and many Jews have that surname. So, Susan Herbst may be Jewish. Surprised?

Now here comes a most important statement by John Czop in his column: “A Hillary Clinton victory in 2016 will be disastrous for Poland.” Right on, John!

Fellow Polonians: The Democrats do not give two figs for you (us!) or Poland. (Chicago! Are you listening?!) For Poland’s sake, that female Clinton has to be defeated in 2016.



Congress Stop Raiding SS Funds
And Insist First Family Stop Lavish Spending!

I recently received a questionnaire from a political group asking if I thought that the Social Security retirement age should be raised and if means testing should be implemented. My response was a resounding NO!

Over the past decades every Congress has raided the funds. The thought was, at the time, the money would be returned and that younger workers would continue to pay into the system. With the number of people out of work and no jobs on the horizon, due to this President’s policies, fewer people are paying into the system. There must be records regarding which states, Congressmen or individuals received the political paybacks, funds and perks. Now is the time to collect those IOU’S!

Why should people who have paid into the system be punished by means testing or age eligibility? Look at all the citizens of this country filling their pockets with tax money, giving themselves raises and bonuses without merit, foolishly suing the states that are attempting to uphold standing law. Where do you think the money all these lawyers are paid comes from? Taxpayers!

Add to that the billions of taxpayer dollars spent on the frequent fund-raising and golf trips (180 rounds in the past 6 years). Air Force One costs about $200,000.00 per HOUR to operate. Air Force Two costs $11,351 per hour to operate. Count the family vacations to Costa del Sol, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine, Vail, India, Hawaii and Africa. DO THE MATH for the planes alone, not counting family, friends and Secret Service personnel who must be housed, fed and driven around – usually in rented cars.

Millions of Americans are out of work, struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table, forced to pay more for their gas so that the President’s billionaire friend will fund his library is shameful! While I do not deny reasonable vacation time for the first family, I believe the Obamas show a disturbing lack of regard for the American taxpayer.

In June 2013, the President’s trip to Ireland with family, friends and entourage cost the taxpayer $7,921,638.66. Flights around Ireland totaled 33.6 hours at $228,288.00 an HOUR which comes to flight expense alone of $7,670.476.80. Total cost for security and other services for a Dublin side trip by Michelle and her entourage was $251,161.86 including $55,004.85 at the Shelbourne Hotel and $70,855.44 at the Westbury Hotel. She spent $3,300.00 per night on her hotel suite.

Knowing what this first family is costing the taxpayer in money and carbon footprint… do you want to have the retirement age raised or means testing instituted? If you do, I’ll have to put you in the “useful idiot” category. CONGRESS – STOP raiding the fund, pay back the IOU’S and insist the First Family STOP their lavish spending!

I’m old enough to remember when Nancy Reagan purchased new China dishes for the White House. The press and the Democrats went berserk criticizing her daily. They neglected to tell you she used her own money to buy them.