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Letters 8-28-13

Religion DOES Matter!

As I write this, the T.V. news is being forced to show how the 10% of the Christian Egyptian population is being slaughtered by the Egyptian Muslims.

While we are name calling, let us STOP calling these Muslims “Rebels”. They are the same SOB’s, the “Mujahideen” who murdered over 100 Russian school children.

The same SOB’s whom WE supplied with stinger missiles, RPG’s & AK-4T’s, NOW being used against US! WHY were we against the Russians & NOT the MUSLIM Mujahideen? Why are we on the WRONG side?

There may only be two Muslims on Obama’s bandwagon, but that is two too many. Very fitting that Janet Napolitano is listed with the bunch.

When JFK was considering to run for President, some were questioning a CATHOLIC President in the White House. Not to worry, he never had a phone connected to the Vatican.

However, it seems that Obama is more than a bit “tight” with ALL of 3rd World and we see this constantly.

Governor Rick Perry is NOT the only one with “Islamophobia” and with good reason. Texas has become another Mexico!

So Eboo Patel is a Rhodes scholar. Are we to be impressed? In recent years there have been mostly persons who are less than deserving of these once worthy honors. Now all we can say is, “Would you believe?”

Titles & jobs are created for issues that are self serving, like Bama’s faith based partnerships. How the hell did we survive for 200 years without these groupies?

In Marilyn’s last paragraph, “their service to our government” raises the question… “WHAT GOVERNMENT?” The one that is a terrible joke? The one whose members take a 5 week vacation with turmoil all around us?

Who says Doctor Ali Khan is “highly respected”? No one asked me! Another Doctor, Hussain, “Islamic Special Envoy.” Duh? Enough already!



An Apropos Consequence

Dear Editor:

(RE: Letters, August 21) An unconditional surrender was the only apropos consequence, especially for the cowardly Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. The “leaders” of Japan, and their suicidal military were the real madmen.

Today, there are too many American apologists trying to rewrite history. However, God bless victorious America for giving them the freedoms, and the opportunity to vent.

Overly patriotic? I think not.

Yours truly,



Save The Polish Falcons

I grew up in New York City. Being half Ukrainian and half Polish, I went to Lemko Park in Monroe, New York and also to the Polish Falcons in Somerville, New Jersey. The bus that was rented was fun and we had a great time especially during the festival season.  Who knew that I would land up in New Jersey and drive pass the Polish Falcons on my way to work.  It truly hurts that it has deteriorated and all it needs is some new energy so memories can be made right in our own backyard.

Some suggestions are… having the Polish community make a financial investment so there will be some return. It is a great location where if a pool was built along with some great bands… well it would be a kick-off to a new beginning.

My mother took me to the Polish Festival in Holmdel, NJ and we saw Bobby Vinton and Jimmy Sturr.  Jimmy Sturr made it cool to like Polkas and proud to be Polish, and for this we are thankful.  I never met Mr. Sturr but perhaps he can have a fundraiser weekend. And with determination and hard work we all can save the Polish Falcons.

I would be more than happy to leave my number should anyone like to further discuss this matter.

Maria-Patricia Smarsh