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Letters 8-13-14

Post Eagle…
An Important Part of Polonia

Dear Editor:

The letters from Orzel Kalinowski and Pat Grzywacz last week were stunningly alarming and sad. Orzel is simply a raving antisemite whose hatred is so evident it is sad and embarassing. No one who is not consumed by hate would write the way he does or would excuse his bigoted and irrational statements. Pat sadly is simply a mouth piece for the Republican National Committee who quotes almost verbatim from their press releases. Her letters are uniformly without any individual insights. Her hatred for the President has consumed her into irrationality and into making charge after charge without foundation and often with obvious exaggeration. Both Orzel and Pat need to “get a life”…. Go for a walk; go to a Polka dance… Better yet, use the next few weeks to “chill.” The irony is that the President was elected twice– both times with a majority from Polish-American voters, most especially in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. I have no doubt that this is the source of Pat’s discomfort– no one seems to have cared about her ramblings, where she is trying so hard to disguise them as legitimate commentary. Thankfully, things are finally getting better economically after the eight year disaster of President Obama’s predecessor.

Finally, whatever your decision, Christine, regarding the Post Eagle, it has been such an important part of Polonia that its contributions will never be forgotten. I hope you can work out your finances so that you may continue to publish for many years to come. I am sending an additional contribution in memory of the Rykowski family, my mother’s side of my heritage of which I have always been especially proud.

Richard Hunter


Pink Slips For Military?!

As unbelievable as it seems, military officers are being given pink slips on the battlefield! This is part of the President’s plan to reduce the military from 520 thousand to 450 thousand. Twenty-six hundred captains have or will be terminated. Most of these officers have a minimum of six years experience. Some have as many as 16 years served. Where are these career soldiers supposed to find work? You must serve 20 years before you are eligible for a pension. With our miserable economy and obscene unemployment rate, are these soldiers to be added to the welfare roles and join the millions of military families already on food stamps?

The most experienced leaders are being fired! With all the unrest all over the world, the danger associated with our unprotected borders and the very real threat of attack by radicals on our own soil, I find this unbelievably irresponsible and quite frankly, suspect. I believe Barack Obama is in ideological lock-step and taking advice from all the radical Muslims he has appointed to leadership roles in the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security and Pentagon. I present for your information, one example.

On September 8, 2011 Homeland Security Advisor, radical Muslim Mohamed Elibiary received the Louis E. Peters Memorial Award which is given to the person who best exemplifies the high standards in providing service to the FBI and the nation. Given to this man who has access to classified information and was quoted as saying, “America is an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant Constitution.” A backer of Ayatollah Khomeini, he took part in a tribute to him in Texas. He leaked classified documents to a media outlet. Given access to the Texas State terrorism database, downloaded two documents with intent to leak them to Newsweek. A long time friend of Islamist Shukri Abu Baker who was convicted in 2008 of funding HAMAS through the Muslim Brotherhood which Elibiary donated money to. He has close ties to the Radical Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America, which declares that the only legitimate law is Sharia. (Over 50 cases have already been decided by Sharia Law in our courtrooms!) Elibiary was influential in purging material “offensive to Muslims” in the government’s FBI training manuals.

If you are still unconvinced, go online and read ANIS SHARROSH’s “Twenty Point Plan” for undermining America.